Welcome to my new blog, A Bit of Behavioral Ecology.  I’m starting this blog because I recently realized that the field I’m currently knee-deep in – as I work on the last year of my Ph.D. – is not well-represented on the net.  There used to be a Behavioural Ecology blog written by Matt Macmanes, but that seems to have ground to a halt a couple of years ago with no signs of resurrection.  I hope that Matt won’t mind me picking up the torch, as it were, and attempting to carry on.

In any case, aside from Matt’s blog,  I haven’t found many resources for quality writing on behavioural ecology outside of journals. So I’m going to try and contribute something useful by using this forum to write about things that I think are cool in the world of behavioural ecology and science in general, and hopefully raise the profile of our field a little bit.   What kinds of things will this blog cover?  Well, I have pretty diverse interests but I do skew towards the modeling side of things, so I hope that potential readers can forgive me for that.  In general, though, you can expect to see material on recent papers in the field, “basic concepts” posts in areas that I’m familiar with, and whatever other random noise floats through my head on the topics of biology and science. And of course, I welcome contributions, comments, and ideas from you, the loyal reader.  (Of course, right now, I’m shouting into the void … but hopefully that will change!)  Leave a comment, send me an e-mail, reach out on Twitter, and hopefully I’ll see you around the blogosphere.


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