Vandalism for the win!

Via Boing Boing, I saw this today:

The Billboard Liberation Front » Blog Archive » Stella Artois, A Thing of Beauty.

I don’t want to embed the image, because I’m unsure if I have the right to (and I don’t want to publicize them any more than I have to in order to express my opinion about the whole thing), but the idea is simple:  a group calling itself the “Billboard Liberation Front” (BLF) is on a campaign to “fix” billboard advertising by modifying billboards in various ways.  The particular billboard they targeted this time is an advertisement for Stella Artois beer, and the BLF painted over words in the tagline to change the message of the ad.

Here’s a simple thought:  if you have a message to put out there (a message, by the way, which I am sympathetic to), why don’t you get your own billboard?  Or put up a blog?  Or write a letter to the editor?  Or create your own podcast?  Or write a book?  Write a song?  Record a video? Or use one of the other myriad ways that we have of expressing our opinions?

Oh, right, the BLF doesn’t want to do that because using any of those options requires time or money or hard work or actual creativity.  Vandalizing other people’s property, though, is free and requires little in the way of actual thought – a winning strategy!  Yay for vandalism!


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