A bit of my childhood…

When I was a kid, one of my favourite books was called The Wizardry Compiled, a piece of light fantasy that crossed the technology of systems programming with a world of magic and adventure.  I’d like to put into words how I felt about the books, but I find it hard.  Perhaps rather than describing my feelings, I can simply admit that it was the only book that I ever stole;  the only copy I could find was in my junior high school library, and I discovered one day that I had walked away with it in my backpack without realizing. Maybe it was an unconscious slip, though, because I always found a way to avoid taking it back until I finally just left the money for a replacement copy as an anonymous donation one day.  Not something I’m proud of, but it’s the only thing I’ve ever stolen, accidentally or not.

I was thinking of the books the other day, and hoping against hope that they had been released as Kindle e-books.  Sadly, they haven’t, but my Googling led me to the blog of the author, Rick Cook.  It seems that Rick hasn’t had a great amount of luck, health-wise, and he hasn’t been overly active in recent years.  But he’s hanging in there, and if his books ever do end up on the Kindle, I know that my wallet will be more than a few dollars lighter.  And if you still like your books in the dead tree format, I’d strongly recommend them.  So head on out there into the interwebs, or to your local dead tree retailer, and pick some up.  And wish Rick luck, while you’re at it.

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