Random thought of the day: casual games.

I’ve seen a number of complaints lately from “hardcore” gamers about casual games (e.g. this – definitely NSFW), and it’s led me to wonder if there isn’t a little bit of narrative re-writing going on here.  Casual gaming is definitely an exploding segment of the market – Wikipedia suggests that an estimated 200 million people a month play casual games online –  but therein lies the rub:  perhaps the issue isn’t a sudden shift in the market, but just its massive growth.  Now that gaming is reaching so many more people on so many more platforms, maybe casual gaming just represents an inevitable expansion and not a declining standard.  Or perhaps it’s both.  It’s an empirical question, but I don’t see a lot of data;  if anyone has any thoughts (or evidence!) on the subject, I’d be glad to hear about it.


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