An awesome book review … not by me.

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1000000487.JPG, a photo by Winawer0 on Flickr.

I got a nice surprise from the UPS man yesterday: my copy of Carlin and Lewis’s Bayesian Methods for Data Analysis. Since I’m going to be joining a lab that’s done a fair bit of Bayesian work and I’m a little light in that area (wait, should I be admitting that?), it seemed like a great excuse to bone up in anticipation of showing up there. But getting me the book reminded me of the great review I say of it on Amazon, which is worth a read for statistical geeks:

Andrew Gelman’s review of the book

The review is by Andrew Gelman, one of the godfathers of Bayesian analysis and a giant in statistical work in general. His blog is also a great resource. The review he wrote about Carlin and Lewis’ book is a classy affair that situates it well against the now-classic text that Gelman helped co-author, and you’ll just have to excuse me while I geek out a little bit.

Wait – I guess you don’t come read a blog about behavioural ecology unless you’re already a geek, so I guess that we’re good there!

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