An ode to statistics..

I was pretty sleepy after my Ph.D. seminar, and was browsing on Facebook when I saw that one of my friends was talking about a possibly significant interaction in her data.  The form was quirky, though, and started off:  “Hark…”.  For some reason, this inspired my sleep-deprived and addled brain to bastardize a bit of Shakespeare (which is apparently from Cymbeline, Act 2, Scene 3).  Since she got a kick out of it, I thought that it might be blog worthy:

Hark, hark, the lark at Fisher’s gate sings,
And Student ‘gins arise,
His p-values to water at those things
On data values that lies;
And significant ANOVA tests begin
To show their golden prize;
With everything that significant is,
My conclusions sweet, arise:
Arise, arise!

With apologies to The Bard. And anyone who read this exercise in sleep deprivation.


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