Odd happenings at Psychology today: did Kanazawa go too far?

I noticed – in my RSS feeds a day or two ago – an article entitled “Why are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women”?  by Satoshi Kanazawa over at The Scientific Fundamentalist blog at Psychology Today.  Kanazawa is the guy behind the “why beautiful women have more daughters” idea that Andrew Gelman took apart on statistical grounds in that talk I linked to before, and he’s no stranger to provocative headlines in general.  Given the nature of the title and the often dubious nature of his evolutionary psychology claims, I left it unread in Google Reader to come back to.  However, when I clicked through today, I immediately got a 503 error, and a 404 (page not found) when I clicked through from Google, as in the screenshot.  The article is also nowhere to be found on the front page of the blog.  And so I wonder:  what happened?  It’s considered bad form to pull down articles with no explanation once they’ve gone up on the web, so barring some sort of easy-to-explain technical problem (somebody poured coffee on the server … that only publishes that page, since the rest of his blog is accessible?) I can only assume that Kanazawa or somebody higher up the chain pulled the plug.  There’s a good chance that no-one will notice this, but I’ll say it anyways:  this needs an explanation.  Wherefore art thou, oddball article?  I was so hoping to take a swipe at you…

Update: If you’d like to read the actual article, some enterprising soul has put it up on Scribd.  I’ll take a look at it later when I have a few minutes…

Update 2: PZ Myers at Pharyngula is unimpressed with the post.  I don’t think I need to add much here.

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3 thoughts on “Odd happenings at Psychology today: did Kanazawa go too far?

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