The creationist is still in charge…

Stephen Harper, Canadian politician

This guy isn't helping. Image via Wikipedia

In the cabinet shuffle being reported by CBC today, it seems that Harper declined to make a change in the minister responsible for science, Gary Goodyear.  You may remember Goodyear as the guy who “won’t confirm his belief in evolution” (as if it matters what he believes on the topic);  David Ng has a great piece at Discovery about how the Harper government – with Goodyear at the tiller – is kicking the beejezus out of science in Canada.

I spoke to my Master’s advisor the other day, and in the conversation he mentioned that he has to renew his grant this year and that he’s concerned about it.  Truthfully, reading these articles, I am too.  Thankfully, I’m moving to Australia where they seem to have money for science right now;  I’ll come back when (if?) Canadians elect a government that gives a damn about basic research.

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