Happy blog-birthday to me!

Photo by Will Clayton @ Flickr

Well, okay, I’m a little late;  my first post went up a little over a year ago, on November 3, 2010, but the spirit is the same.  One whole year!  If what I’ve read is any indication, that probably puts me somewhere in the top 10-20% of blog survival statistics.  The achievement pales in the face of people like Razib Khan, who have been blogging for nearly a decade, but I have to start somewhere.  And if this blog does even a tiny bit of what I had intended it to do in the first place, it’s worth every moment of my time.  So how well have I achieved my goals over the last year?

Here’s a bit of what I wrote in my ‘hello world’ post:

[…]I haven’t found many resources for quality writing on behavioural ecology outside of journals. So I’m going to try and contribute something useful by using this forum to write about things that I think are cool in the world of behavioural ecology and science in general, and hopefully raise the profile of our field a little bit.   What kinds of things will this blog cover?  Well, I have pretty diverse interests but I do skew towards the modeling side of things, so I hope that potential readers can forgive me for that.  In general, though, you can expect to see material on recent papers in the field, “basic concepts” posts in areas that I’m familiar with, and whatever other random noise floats through my head on the topics of biology and science. And of course, I welcome contributions, comments, and ideas from you, the loyal reader.  (Of course, right now, I’m shouting into the void … but hopefully that will change!)

Looking back over what I’ve written and where the blog is now it’s clear that I have an imperfect track record, but it’s one that I can live with.  I’ve managed to share my thoughts on cool papers, gotten into a couple of debates, done some book reviews, posted some filler, and generally had a grand time of it.  I haven’t done as much evangelizing for the field of behavioural ecology as I thought that I might, but now that I’m reminded of this goal I hope to do more of that in upcoming weeks. And as for readership, I’m actually quite happy with how things have progressed.  Since I started being a little more active on Twitter, I’ve managed to get a bit more attention for the blog, and I’m happy to report that my daily views are … wait for it  … greater than zero every day!

(Insert wild crowd roars here)

Of course, the numbers don’t matter  – I’m unlikely to ever be a powerhouse blogger like, say, John Hawks, but who cares?  (He’s way smarter than I am, anyways. 🙂 ).  What matters is that I reach out to and connect with cool, smart people like those that hang around on this series of tubez that we call the Internet;  in that regard the blog has been a great success, and I’m going to keep pushing to make it better.  As always, if anyone has comments, requests, or suggestions, please leave a comment below, send me an email, or drop me a line on Twitter!


5 thoughts on “Happy blog-birthday to me!

  1. Brandy says:

    Have you considered writing more about tigers? Tigers are cool.

  2. …and many mooooore! Congrats on your blogging anniversary, keep the posts coming, I’ve been quite enjoying them =)

  3. a year is a lot more than most 🙂

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