Unidentified: any spider people recognise it?

Spider people, leave me a comment if you know anything about this spectacular individual, found in Sydney while I was walking to lunch:

Unidentified spider I saw on my way to lunch...

Captured with my iPhone 4S...


Update: Twitter responds!





And a quick email to one of UNSW’s spider gurus, Michael Kasumovic, confirms that this is probably a juvenile of Nephilia plumpies.  Thanks, guys!


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2 thoughts on “Unidentified: any spider people recognise it?

  1. bri says:

    Ah plumpies! Cool. I really have no idea on species with these guys. They are all over the tops of the cliffs at Arapiles, positioned to catch the updraughts. I have a habit of taking photos of them everywhere.

  2. […] me (even the reverse image search, which failed rather spectacularly), and since it worked so well last time, I thought I’d ask the readers once again:  any idea what species this bird hails […]

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