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Congratulations, Alberta! Uh, I think….

Well, the CBC has called it:  Alberta has elected a Progressive Conservative government.

I never thought that I would be vaguely happy to hear that my home province has elected a Tory government;  they’ve been in power for over 40 years now and I would have been happy to see a change, but I am glad that the homophobic, racist, anti-science Wildrose party hasn’t taken power.   And the fact that Alberta has now elected its first female premier is something that shouldn’t be ignored or minimised.

What I’m still upset about, though, is that Alberta has decided to put the Wildrose party in second place, crushing the Liberals and NDP by comparison.  Danielle Smith wouldn’t be out of place running along side Sarah Palin, and now she’s forming the official opposition in Alberta?

For shame.

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